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WPSFO: Nginx

June 10, 2016

Yesterday was my third time attending the SF WordPress Meetup. The main presenter was Floyd Smith, who co-authored the book WordPress in Depth with Michael McCallister. With him is pre-sales engineer Kunai Pariani, product marketer Faisal Memon, and digital marketing manager Patrick Nommensen. There is a lot of Nginx people in the room that day. … Continue reading “WPSFO: Nginx”

WPSFO: Pivotal Blog Case

May 12, 2016

Second time I attended a WordPress Meetup. I am overdue for a blog post! I was going to post my last WP MU, but my schoolwork pretty much murdered my brain cell for the the week after that MU, so… Originally, another presenter, Hass, was suppose to be there to talk about SEO, but something … Continue reading “WPSFO: Pivotal Blog Case”

Course Progress for C++ & WP

February 3, 2016

So far for C++, I have successfully churn through 1/3 of C++ Primer by Stanley B. Lippman in a month (It’s a really, really thick book. If it wasn’t softcover, you can probably knock someone out with it.). It is quite the intense reading – very detail but clear in its explanation. I can see why … Continue reading “Course Progress for C++ & WP”