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Winter Break Activities, 2015-16

January 16, 2016

So far, during this break I have: Went to Japan with my family (Hooray!) Started to volunteer for a non-profit that help local youth by teaching tech named Bayview Boom. Currently I am just discussing how to organize the page with the director, who is also a developer. Should be a good experience that we … Continue reading “Winter Break Activities, 2015-16”

Summer 2015 So F ar

August 8, 2015

One of my goal this summer is work on my project, which ended up with me taking a long detour in both brushing up and learning new skills in JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, PHP, MVC, and OOP. There was a lot of reading, online video/school, and coding. I have sadly ddiscovered that I have learned more … Continue reading “Summer 2015 So F ar”

Summer 2015 To-Do List

May 30, 2015

Overall To-Do Experimented with Fedora Learn Anduino and finish the setup for TV-B-Gone Brush up on my IT network knowledge. Learn C. Work on my portfolio website. Current To-Do Finished the code that was started in today’s meetup. In my website, create a new page for code portfolio. Currently, I only have a placeholder for … Continue reading “Summer 2015 To-Do List”