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Lego, Fistfight, GraphQL, & Observable – React in Silicon Valley

April 26, 2017

Real World React had its first Silicon Valley meetup. As a React newbie who enjoys the Silicon Valley cities, naturally I attended! Held at Atlassian, this is the Meetup “GraphQL with REST APIs | RxJS & Redux-Observable“. We started off with the Lightning Talks, and the first one up is Joshua Nelson from Atlassian. His … Continue reading “Lego, Fistfight, GraphQL, & Observable – React in Silicon Valley”

Estimating, Mobile, and Websocket on Django

December 12, 2016

Recently, I went to my first Django Meetup and it was totally worth the trip, even the part where I accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up in Treasure Island instead. ….. What? The highway entrance to the bridge is literally next to the building! It actually wraps around it, which I thought was … Continue reading “Estimating, Mobile, and Websocket on Django”

SFHTML5 Meetup: Emoji Art & Web API

August 25, 2016

My second SFHTML5 Meetup, “Emojis, Art & Web APIs with Monica Dinculescu and Zeno Rocha”, was full of fun surprises. For one, I have never used emoji outside of Facebook, but Monica Dinculescu certainly know how to make it fun and showcase emoji’s ability to become a medium of art. When I first signed up … Continue reading “SFHTML5 Meetup: Emoji Art & Web API”

Elm Workshop: Day Two

June 28, 2016

Day Two! Richard start off with some Q&A, and we got some site recommendation when someone asked about learning tools. Although it was only a day (albeit an 8 hour day…), I got enough info that I can imagine applying it to one of my idea for a side project, but I definitely need some … Continue reading “Elm Workshop: Day Two”

Elm Workshop: Day One

June 26, 2016

Braving the Pride Weekend commuter traffic, I just attended day one of Elm Workshop, presented by Richard Feldman from NoRedInk, hosted by Women Who Code, and located at Pivotal Lab (yep, a lot of people went into this). Learning a functional programming language for the first time is a truly fascinating experience, especially if one … Continue reading “Elm Workshop: Day One”