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How to resolve angry beeping when GalliumOS refuse to boot

September 18, 2017

This time, I am going to post about a bit of troubleshooting with GalliumOS in my Chromebook. A little detour from my regular NextBus Compare project progress posting. This is more about working with developer tools, I guess. I don’t actually use Chromebook that often since most of my work is on Macbook. As a … Continue reading “How to resolve angry beeping when GalliumOS refuse to boot”

Installing the Linux Distro GalliumOS in My Acer Chrombook

February 2, 2017

I love customization. Which is also why ever since I won a Chromebook during a HTML5 Meetup (Hooray!!!), I have been thinking about installing Linux on it. Finally, I got around to it! Firstly, I debated on which Linux OS to get. The most popular one seems to be Crouton. However, I eventually decided on … Continue reading “Installing the Linux Distro GalliumOS in My Acer Chrombook”

Installing Fedora 24 with Guest Addition in Virtual Box

August 29, 2016

Ah, the moment of triumph!!! I had installed Fedora before in Virtual Box. In fact, I had done it several times. I have also installed Guest Addition to Ubuntu to correct display resolution problem. But this time? Not only did I ran into trouble with installing Fedora, but the Guest Addition for it as well! … Continue reading “Installing Fedora 24 with Guest Addition in Virtual Box”

Localhost and Permission

May 15, 2016

Working with WordPress and Drupal with Macbook localhost is good so far. If I am on a terminal, I just cd into the directory and start editing. Drag-and-drop is quick, too. However, manually changing the owner of each file to  _www can be a nuisance if you are working something everyday, and you want to … Continue reading “Localhost and Permission”

Course Progress for C++ & WP

February 3, 2016

So far for C++, I have successfully churn through 1/3 of C++ Primer by Stanley B. Lippman in a month (It’s a really, really thick book. If it wasn’t softcover, you can probably knock someone out with it.). It is quite the intense reading – very detail but clear in its explanation. I can see why … Continue reading “Course Progress for C++ & WP”