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Orange Wheel: Connecting Vue and Flask Routes

February 18, 2019

For this part, I used the tutorial Full-stack single page application with Vue.js and Flask by Oleg Agapov. I chose this tutorial because: Separation of frontend and backend into separate directories. Sets up the project to use vue-router with Flask. Sets up the config file so that when static assets are bundled, the output directory … Continue reading “Orange Wheel: Connecting Vue and Flask Routes”

Orange Wheel: Backend with Flask. Trying out pytest.

February 11, 2019

Set up Directories & Environments: To separate out an environment for my backend as well, the first thing I did was: At the root directory of the project, used command mkdir backend to create a directory for backend. Did cd backend to enter to the backend directory. Did pip -m venv venv, which was what … Continue reading “Orange Wheel: Backend with Flask. Trying out pytest.”