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Winter Break Activities, 2015-16

January 16, 2016

So far, during this break I have: Went to Japan with my family (Hooray!) Started to volunteer for a non-profit that help local youth by teaching tech named Bayview Boom. Currently I am just discussing how to organize the page with the director, who is also a developer. Should be a good experience that we … Continue reading “Winter Break Activities, 2015-16”

Building my PHP Session Handler

October 6, 2015

My homework recently consisted of building my session handler, which confused me greatly – what on earth is session handler? At first glance, I wondered why would one use session handler? How is different from, say, calling the method by $session->getData()? Took me a while, but I finally got a working code that I have … Continue reading “Building my PHP Session Handler”

Arduino: Day One

May 29, 2015

Earlier last year, I attended an Noisebrige workshop to build TV-B-Gone, presented by its own inventor Mitch Altman. The workshop teaches attendees about Arduino, how to solder the Arduino clone kit Diavolino, and how to get the kit working. The presenter ran out of time. While I got my board soldered, I did not get … Continue reading “Arduino: Day One”

Finally Done!

May 25, 2015

The semester is finally over. I am quite satisfied with my web development class project this time. By the time final presentation is over, there are only few glitches – mostly personal pet-peeves – that needs to be fixed: The floating social media bar uses margin top spacing in order to avoid overlapping itself on … Continue reading “Finally Done!”

Final Presentation

May 21, 2015

“Ah, I was wondering who changed the page at midnight!” “Yea… That was me.” Final Presentation day. Always leave such fond memories, like solving a code problem at 12th in midnight… So, updates! For final, I fixed the link for the mailbox subscription box that was originally linked to a testing account instead of client … Continue reading “Final Presentation”