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Stop it with the “Binary Not Found” Error!

February 9, 2016

Everything have a learning curve, that includes Eclipse, however popular it may be. I am used to command line, but I really should learn an IDE as the codes I make will be bigger and bigger. In those cases, debugging per line would be very useful. Here is some small bump on my learning curve … Continue reading “Stop it with the “Binary Not Found” Error!”

Course Progress for C++ & WP

February 3, 2016

So far for C++, I have successfully churn through 1/3 of C++ Primer by Stanley B. Lippman in a month (It’s a really, really thick book. If it wasn’t softcover, you can probably knock someone out with it.). It is quite the intense reading – very detail but clear in its explanation. I can see why … Continue reading “Course Progress for C++ & WP”